Program Pricing


We now offer IVF with conventional stimulation at the same low price as our minimal stimulation for $4,525. This includes oocyte retrieval, embryo development and embryo transfer. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), if needed due to a severe male factor, is also available for an additional $1,100.

Donor Egg Program

Our shared oocyte program allows an infertile woman to have completely FREE IVF, including medications, in exchange for donating half of her oocytes to a recipient. Not only is this a financial benefit to the donor, but allows the recipient to receive FRESH oocytes, rather than frozen. Thus, the price for a fresh donor egg cycle, for the recipient is (IVF procedure, and all monitoring for a total price of $9400.00) the lowest in the country! Only additional cost are for the cycle medication and the anesthesia.

Donor Embryo Program

We also have a very inexpensive donor embryo program at a cost of $3,850. No anesthesia is needed and the price for medication is minimal {per case basis. Contact us today for more information.}