Why The Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorders should be your first choice for problems of infertility


Our extensive clinical research has allowed us to find solutions to your fertility problems that often allows natural conception, rather than expensive Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), e.g., IUI, IVF.


We individualize infertility treatments, rather than a shot-gun or generic therapy approach, which are frequently ineffective, and costly. We take care of complex infertility cases who were unsuccessful elsewhere, even after expensive IVF procedures. See articles #718 and #699


If IVF is needed, we are pioneers in this field and continue to find innovative ways to achieve pregnancies with IVF in our facility even though the couple may have not been successful in other IVF facilities. In fact, the majority of our couples going through IVF have had unsuccessful cycles in other IVF centers. Our prices are much lower than most other infertility centers and our doctors, embryologists, ultrasonographers, andrologists, and nurses are extremely experienced. Cooper has been performing IVF since 1988 and has performed over 20,000 egg retrievals IVF - fresh embryo transfers and 9,000 frozen embryo transfers. (To get a good idea of our success rates please refer to article #702 and 690.)


Endometriosis and pelvic pain has been associated with infertility. However, standard medical therapy prevents you from conceiving while taking this medication and there is no evidence that you are more fertile when you stop. Surgery can damage your egg reserve, is frequently not or only transiently effective in relieving pain, and there is little evidence that its removal helps infertility unless releasing adhesions (scar tissue) helps function of your fallopian tubes. Our research has found not only the most effective medical way to treat pelvic pain while still allowing you to become pregnant, and may also correct the reason for why you are not conceiving (check out our articles here #633, 689, 717, 763)


Because of business considerations some IVF centers will cancel IVF cycles because your case may lower their statistics (#771). We do what is best for you , not our statistics, e.g., transferring only 1 poor quality embryo on day 3 if that still give you a chance of successful pregnancy (check out this article #105).


We perform all other types of ART, e.g., intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted embryo hatching, pre-implantation genetic sampling (PGS), and PGD for specific genetic disorders, egg and embryo freezing and transfers of donor embryos (#449 ).


Our donor oocyte program uses for our source of eggs:

- fresh eggs from a paid donor which you can keep all the eggs or share with another recipient to cut costs (see article #447).

- eggs shared from our infertile patients undergoing IVF, in exchange for the receipts to covering the cost of the IVF procedure, which saves you the expense of paying a donor. (#450, #629).

- We are still willing to use fresh eggs from donor egg agencies, or frozen eggs from egg banks, if the couple desires to enable a better matching.

- We are willing to treat recipients of all ages in good health (articles 430, #458, #629).


For younger patients (<35 ), if IVF is needed to solve your problems, your IVF costs can be is paid for, if you are willing to share half of the eggs collected with a recipient. All the medications are paid for as well as The oocyte retrieval, embryo development, and embryo transfer back to you,( using your male partner's sperm for fertilization of your eggs), anesthesia, and monitoring of cycle stimulation by blood and ultrasound. Thus, you have to pay very little yourself, e.g., cryopreservation of extra embryos. (#600).


We meticulously watch you during your first trimester to give you the maximum chance of preventing a miscarriage (#689, #767). We are very successful in preventing miscarriage in women who have no problems conceiving, but have recurrent miscarriages (#562, 565, 627, 630, 652).


We evaluate and treat the male partner ourselves with the exception of testicular sperm aspiration for IVF with ICSI (#182, 746, 237, 670, 753).


We are one of the world's leading experts in treating women with diminished ovarian reserve and have been successful in achieving pregnancies with the woman's own eggs in seemingly hopeless situations. (#74, 103, 706, 738, 702).

In summary we believe that our approach to infertility will help you solve your problems even if the situation appears hopeless, while costing you the least amount of money.